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Will off field issues jeopardize Jarvis Landry’s long term contract negotiations?

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On Monday it was revealed that Miami Dolphins WR Jarvis Landry is currently being investigated for a domestic violence incident that happened in April. Though no arrests have been made, the investigation into the incident that occurred at Landry’s apartment in Ft. Lauderdale is still open.

Omar Kelly of the Sun Sentinel has more:

The incident was reported to police shortly before 10:30 p.m. on April 1, according to the incident report’s cover sheet. The full report is not being released because the investigation is still open, police said Monday. The report’s cover lists hands, fist, teeth and feet as weapons.

Court records show that Landry, 24, is the defendant in an open paternity court case that was filed in April by Estrella Cerqueira.

On Monday Cerqueira released a statement about the incident:

“I was not in any way physically harmed,” the statement said. “Yes, we are going through a civil family court case and emotions are high, but I would like to make it very clear that Jarvis would never, ever do anything to harm me or anyone else. Jarvis and I are happily raising our beautiful daughter.” 

There are a few layers to this story. First off Landry could indeed face a suspension depending on the details on this case, even if he is never arrested, based off the league’s conduct policy. That however, isn’t the only issue at play here. The two time pro bowler and team’s leading receiver the past two seasons is also in contract extension talks with the Dolphins.

These are the types of scenarios that could indeed jeopardize a player’s ability to get the deal they want. Are the Dolphins going to use this situation as leverage in the contract negotiations? It’s possible as the news came out at a time, when Landry and his agent are looking for a multi-year deal.

His girlfriend’s statement seemingly exonerates Landry, however that isn’t ending the investigation. We do know there was a verbal altercation as the girl friend admitted, but the physical part is what’s in question. If everything turns out to keep Landry’s record clean, this could have just have been a small bump in the road and he’ll get the contract he is looking for. We are just going to have to wait and see what transpires to get a better idea.

As for right now, at the minimum Landry lost some leverage.

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