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Will Mike Pouncey be ready for training camp?

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One of the biggest question marks going into training camp for the Miami Dolphins has been the health of center Mike Pouncey. He has been dealing with a hip injury that disrupted his season last year missing 11 games in total. What is the status on said hip?

According to the Miami Herald, Pouncey will get one last look at that hip before he is cleared to start drill on July 27th:

Pouncey has suffered no setbacks with his hip rehabilitation since going on injured reserve last year and both the player and the team are “confident” the exam will yield positive findings, according to those familiar with the situation.

Positive finding by doctors would ordinarily mean Pouncey could avoid going on the Physically Unable to Perform (PUP) list prior to the start of camp.

It isn’t just being cleared by doctors that will guide the decision to place Pouncey on the PUP list. His injury history as well as the staff’s precaution to maximize Pouncey’s playing time during the regular season.

The Miami Herald has more:

Regardless of what official roster status Pouncey is designated with at the start of camp, it is certain he will not be practicing very often or very long during training camp. He probably will not get many live snaps in the preseason. And even when the regular-season begins Pouncey is not expected to practice very often during the week.

 That part is not news. Coach Adam Gase has been joking since the spring that he might deploy “bubble wrap” around Pouncey to protect the prized offensive lineman from injury.
Keep in mind Pouncey hasn’t practiced since last November. It goes to show you the value the franchise has placed on Pouncey. Despite not playing a full 16 game schedule since 2016, he’s still that good for them to figure out the best ways to maximize his time on the field in the regular season. We likely won’t know his clearance status until right before training camp. With that said Adam Gase and company will keep a close eye on those hips of his and will likely be playing wait and see until the start of the regular season.

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