Will the Jaguars Pick Leonard Fournette in the NFL Draft?

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With the Jacksonville Jaguars winning the offseason in the positive sense as far as free agency is concerned it’s time to shift some of the focus back on the NFL Draft. The Jags have already elevated their defense drastically making it an elite unit at least on paper. They also have looked to bolster their offensive line such as when they went out and traded for Branden Albert. With Latavius Murray choosing to sign with the Minnesota Vikings, the Jags will likely look in the draft to help their run game.

Last season the Jaguars had one of the league’s worst run offenses and it certainly had a negative impact on QB Blake Bortles.  The Jaguars have the 4th overall pick in the 2017 NFL Draft and now the questions are begining to swirl who they will select with that pick. One glaringly obvious choice in that spot for the Jags in Leonard Fournette.  

Fournette may be the perfect fit for the Jaguars. Despite having TJ Yeldon, selecting Fournette would send the signal that Yeldon isn’t the guy they will count on to lead the run game. Selecting Fournette would mean it will be expected for him to be the starting tailback getting the majority of the snaps. Also it will show us a few other things as well. Blake Bortles struggles last season may have well been more of a result of a bad offensive line and a dreadful run game. If both of those things improve, perhaps Bortles will play better. If the Jags do take Fournette it would pretty much confirm that thought process.

Obviously the draft is always a crap shoot. No player is ever a slam dunk. Injuries and scheme can play a huge role. With that said Fournette is considered to have elite talent that if healthy will no question improve the worst part of the Jags offense from a year ago.

It’s going to be interested to see what the Jags do in the other waves of free agency leading up to the draft. What is going to be even more intriguing is to see what they do with that 4th pick. If they don’t select Fournette and choose who they feel is the best available, it will speak volumes on their view of the RBs in this draft. Even though it’s early, it’s been hard to deny Tom Coughlin’s positive influence on this franchise. He seems to know what he’s doing. Obviously the results on the field will be the final judgement on that.

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