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What will game cancelations mean for Miami Hurricanes?

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Hurricane Irma has passed through the state of Florida and has caused a lot of damage throughout the state. It has also pretty much put everything in the state at a standstill as the mass evacuations as well as precautions and actual damage caused by the storm. The football world has pretty much been flipped on it’s head in the state. We already know that the Miami Hurricanes vs. Florida State game has been moved from Saturday night to October 7th.  

The rescheduling of the Florida State game means that the Canes will have two straight weeks without football. This is quite the strange scenario for a team looking to make it to their first ever ACC title game. Their next game will be on Saturday September 23rd against Toledo which is a home game. This means that Miami will have had three weeks between games. How will this effect the team? It’s hard to say, but it may end up being a blessing in disguise.

Instead of playing against Florida State after facing far inferior opponents, they will have more game experience before taking on their heated rival. At that point they will already have played two teams, including a well coached Duke team, which always seems to cause problems.

Their QB Malik Rosier who only has two starts under his belt, will now have four starts if he remains healthy by the time they face the Noles. Which means he will be more comfortable with the offense by then. In addition they are going to be healthier because they would have had two weeks off. This means Ahmmon Richards’ hamstring should be nice and healed, provided he wont tweak it between now and then.

This whole ordeal is literally like hitting a reset on the season. You know the players are going to be getting antsy already to get to game action. However they have to deal with the mental changes. This is not a normal situation for everyone included, especially the coaching staff. This is where we will find out whether or not this pause in the action will be a net positive or negative for Miami. It will depend on how well coach Mark Richt conveys to his team the adjustments that’s required with these pauses.

Either way, Canes fans, players and coaches will have to go another Saturday with out live action football. Yes it’s annoying, but it beats the alternative, which is to force a football game and potentially put lives in danger. In this case the key decision makers made the right choice to cancel and reschedule these games. Now it’s time for the adjustment and we will know in a few weeks if this unscheduled break will be a good thing or bad thing for the Canes.

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