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Who Will the Dolphins Target Next in Free Agency?

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With the first wave of free agency being very active across the NFL last week, the Dolphins begin to focus their attention on the second wave, which will address certain holes the team feels they need to fill. Rumors are swirling around the Dolphins going after DT Dontari Poe. Let’s say they do somehow land Poe, that would really solidify the defense.

The problem with Poe is that the Dolphins aren’t the only team interested. Several teams are looking for a solid DT and the Dolphins may not want to stretch themselves too thin financially off one singing. It may be a situation where other teams out bid the Dolphins on Poe, and the Fins balk and move forward.

Another major defensive player still available is Dont’a Hightower. Similar to Poe, he isn’t signed yet and he’s certainly going to be in high demand. Will the Dolphins be able to make a bid for Hightower? It may depend on how they deal with LB Kiko Alonzo. The Dolphins do expect to resign the Alonzo, and with Lawrence Timmons coming to South Florida, Alonzo will likely play weak side LB. The Fins still need a strong side line backer.

The problem for the Dolphins right now is that they don’t have the financial capacity to make a big splash with the remaining free agents and at the same time make sure that all their needs position wise is taken care of. This likely means that the team will work on the bargain level to fill the needs, hoping to find the right player that fits in their schemes at the right price.

The second wave of free agency is going to be very interesting for the Dolphins. What will also play a huge role will be the draft. The direction the team takes this week, will have huge implication on the direction they will take in the draft next month.

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