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What’s next for Bucs “Joe Dirt?” How about his own reality show

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TAMPA – Undrafted rookie linebacker Riley Bullough has become one of the real stars of HBO’s Hard Knocks: Training Camp With The Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

So what’s next for the long-haired Michigan State product teammates have dubbed Joe Dirt? Well, would you believe his own reality show? Don’t laugh, it just may be a possibility.

Bullough said he’s garnered a lot positive attention as a result of being featured on the show and it seems there’s a chance he could continue to profit from the exposure well after it wraps for the season.

“I got a guy who Facebook messaged me who says he’s interested in doing a show about me from Los Angeles,’’ Bullough said Monday. “I haven’t messaged him back yet, but I’m going to and see what that’s all about.’’

 Bullough’s primary focus for now, of course, remains earning a roster spot with the Buccaneers. Much like his future in reality television, nothing is certain there, because he remains om squarely on the bubble.

Bucs coach Dirk Koetter has hinted on numerous occasions this preseason that despite the impression Bullough has made both with his aggressive play and leadership skills, he is facing an uphill climb.

The issue is that the Bucs are a lot deeper at linebacker than they have been in years past, but Bullough has one more chance to make a good impression and he intends to make the most of it.

Bullough has been limited to just a handful of snaps the first few preseason games, but he may get a chance to start when the Bucs play Washington in their final preseason game Thursday.

Even if Bullough doesn’t start he should get a healthy dose of playing time in this last game. He hoping he can use that to prove to the Bucs – or some other team – that he’s worthy of a spot on an NFL roster.

 “My main thing is just to stay positive, keep working and put my best foot forward,’’ Bullough said. “Everything you do here is on film, so the goal is just to do your best and let the cards fall where they may.’’

For Bullough, they may fall somewhere outside of football. That’s not his goal, but there’s little doubt that he’s already on the cusp of possibly transcending the game.

 “Yeah, I have a lot more people who notice me now if I’m out in public getting a sandwich or something,’’ he said. “A lot of people just coming up and saying good luck and stuff like that and that’s been great.

 “I wouldn’t say I’m a rock star but I’ve enjoyed the attention. It’s been fun, but really I’m just trying to keep it positive.’’

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