What’s latest with Bucs backup QB plans?

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We are now just 3 months and 2 days away from the first Buccaneers Kickoff of 2017 on August 11th against the Cincinnati Bengals. With plenty of excitement floating around about how good this group can be is there anything missing?

One potential gap in the roster is at the backup Quarterback spot. Ryan Griffin is currently set up for that role, but with little experience in the starting role it could be time for Tampa Bay to make a move. With several options available that have starting experience or offer more electric play-making, it could be time to see one of those names in the pewter and red.
As we have written on F.F.I., Colin Kaepernick arguably the best available man on the market comes with plenty of question marks and red flags. His Anthem protest is now over and at 29 he should be matured on and off the field. While he does hold a 3-16 record over the last 2 seasons, this is also the man who led the 49ers to a Super Bowl and almost did it again on two more occasions.

Also he had some good games last season going for 398 yards vs division rival New Orleans Saints. He also had over 400 yards vs the Miami Dolphins. Kap also holds a 72-30 Td/INT ratio for his career. But also has the blemishing 59.8 completion percentage over the last 2 seasons. With a rejuvenated mind and spirit Kap can be great asset to any team as a backup.
Ryan Fitzpatrick (above) the savvy vet out of Harvard is another name to keep in mind. After enjoying a great season in 2015 as a Jet with 31 Tds/15 picks and 3,905 yards, he came back last season and folded like a lawn chair, only 12 touchdowns to 17 picks will have you looking for a job. The Bucs also have added veterans in the past like Jeff Garcia, Byron Leftwich and Brian Griese.

Fitz would come in and be a suitable backup for the Bucs where he could use big body’s Mike Evans, Cameron Brate, and O.J. Howard to help rediscover his 2015 form like he did with Brandon Marshall and company.
The wild card of the group and the man no one probably would want to be signed Johnny Manziel. Before you stop reading or throw your phone or mouse in disgust, hear me out.

No team should sign him without their due diligence and lots of homework. But on the field he is only 24, and he still possess the talent that made him a first round pick and a highlight real at Texas A&M. He and Evans also formed to be a daunting force and happened to do it in the SEC.

Our Roy Cummings also wrote about Manziel earlier this off season.

He has been working with QB guru George Whittfield and passing on wisdom to guys like Josh Allen. He looks like he wants the game back in his life. Looks can also be deceiving which is why picking up Manziel could be walking on egg shells.

Manziel has shown us he has all the potential in the world and has also shown us he can be a cancer to a team. The bottom line is he can be high risk- high reward or a crash and burn. It’s also unclear from the NFL, if and how many games his still would owe in suspension for a new team for violation of the league conduct policy, etc.
All in all it will be interesting to see what the Bucs will do with camp approaching sooner and sooner. Will they go after one of the names mentioned? Could they go after new announcers Jay Cutler and Tony Romo? Although neither would likely leave, both could trade in the microphone and suit for helmets and jerseys if something were to happen to Franchise quarterback Jameis Winston.

Or does this team roll with Griffin or even Sean Renfree. Regardless of who takes the reigns it will be a very important spot on this Bucs roster.

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