What was THAT?!

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Sometimes three plus hours of football come down to a single play. And, this morning in J-ville, they are still lamenting (what was that) the final drive for the Jags to upset the Packers coming coming down to a 4th and 1 that fizzled in the North Florida humidity faster than you can spell B-u-b-b-l-e  S-c-r-e-e-n.


What was that?

Let’s set the stage: Blake Bortles had played well (24-39 320 yards 1 TD) leading the Jags down inside the Pack 20 yard line and trailing 27-23 in the final :30 of the game.

A 3rd and 1 pass for Rashad Greene was incomplete over the middle bringing up the ultimate second guesser’s delight.

Needing a TD, Jacksonville had no choice but to go for it. Green Bay took a look at Jacksonville’s formation and called timeout, themselves.

That led to the play (and play call) that has the internet and North Florida sports radio lit up this a.m.

With Green Bay stacking the line and showing blitz, Bortles threw into the right flat behind the line to Allen Hurns, who was supposed to have Allen Robinson clear out the two guys in front of him for the easy one yard.

However, as you can tell by the buildup, Packers DB Damarious Randall jumped inside immediately, unblocked and “Blew Up” the play. Fellow DB Michah Hyde grabbed Hurns  three yards behind the line with helping coming from the inside, too, and the Jags hopes died right there.

There are numerous things that could have been tried to get one yard in that crucial situation, but that’s what Offensive Coordinator Greg Olson and Bortles, who could’ve checked out of the play, decided to go with for the first down.

And in the end, the Pack were ready all the way, stopped it and are 1-0

And Jaguar fan is left with only one word to contemplate on this Monday…. WHAT?!

What was THAT?!
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