What to do about Mike Glennon?

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The ambulance carrying injured Vikings quarterback Teddy Bridgewater didn’t even reach the hospital Tuesday afternoon before Buccaneers fans began wondering if the Vikings would call the Bucs about a trade for Mike Glennon.

For once it was a valid question.

On Saturday morning, the Vikings pulled the trigger on a surprise trade to the Eagles for oft-injury prone former first rounder Sam Bradford. So that option is now out.

But, as we all know, the Bucs still have a decision to make regarding Glennon, their backup who is slated to become a free agent at the end of the year. And, there are still multiple teams headed into week one that would be interested at some level in the capable reserve.

The Cowboys, Broncos, and maybe two or three others might like a young, cap friendly player (Glennon’s guaranteed base salary for 2016 is $1.517 million with a $1.8 million cap figure) who has started over 15 games in his NFL career.

On Wednesday night at the preseason finale’, GM Jason Licht said that they haven’t received calls about the Tampa Bay back up in weeks. That may have changed over the last 48 hours.

The question the Bucs have to ask themselves, of course, is the same question they’ve had to ask themselves every time a team has called to inquire about Glennon: what’s more important to their franchise right now, a playoff berth or an extra 2017 mid-round draft pick?

Of course after Philly apparently got a 2017 first rounder Saturday from Minnesota, could Glennon fetch a third rounder or better?

That’s what it continues to come down to for the Bucs. To give Glennon away now means possibly risking a chance to reach the playoffs, which Tampa Bay believes they’re capable of doing this year, because they’re confident Glennon can win games for them should Jameis Winston go down.

They’re still not sure they can win games with Ryan Griffin at quarterback. Griffin played extensively in the final three quarters Wednesday, but was largely ineffective until a couple of late drives in the fourth.  That’s why Tampa Bay hesitated the last year to move Glennon and are perfectly willing to lose him for nothing next spring if it means getting to the postseason this winter.

So ask yourselves, Bucs fans, what is you really want the most?

Do you want to take what may be your best shot at putting together a winning season and possibly returning to the playoffs or do you want to an extra draft pick come next spring?

The choice isn’t yours but you can always pretend that it is.

What to do about Mike Glennon?
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