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Colts ink Marlon Mack-may have gotten great value too

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Lost in the news that the Jags had officially locked up Leonard Fournette Wednesday, was the Colts doing the same with former USF standout RB Marlon Mack.

And while Fournette got huge money (over $24 million guaranteed) as the fourth overall pick, Indianapolis taking the Bulls all-time leading rusher in the fourth round may end of being one of the best “value” picks in the draft.

Here’s the breakdown of the dollars Mack got from the Colts:

As the item says, Mack only got $300,000 in signing bonus/guaranteed money and his actual 2017 salary number is just a shade under $550,000. While not insignificant moolah in the real world, in NFL salary scale, it’s essentially rookie minimum wage.

Also, that’s typical of a skill player taken in the third, fourth or beyond rounds. And, under the CBA agreed to in 2011, rookie contracts cannot be renegotiated until a player is entering his fourth season.

And, as we have written previously, when they drafted Mack, Indy has only an aging Frank Gore. And Gore has maybe got one or at a stretch two, good seasons left, as their established back. So, Mack appears in position to be the “go to” running back of the next few seasons blue and white.

This is all predicated on how hard he works to learn the offense this summer and in camp. Can he pick up things like pass protection for Andrew Luck? Will he become a legitimate threat to catch the ball out of the backfield?

If Mack can, the Colts just got a steal with the money they aren’t having to pay him for the next few years.

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