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Is this the best USF offense ever?

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We here at F.F.I. often grow weary of the words “Great, Unbelievable, Incredible,” etc. They are thrown around way too much. However, with USF’s start to the season offensively, we must concede that a. they haven’t had numbers like this before and b. they have explosive players, who are fun to watch and are getting better and better.

The Bulls head into this week’s match-up with UConn averaging 44.5 ppg in their first six games. That’s not just good. It’s an “incredible” start to the season. You can question USF’s schedule strength so far (it does include scoring 35 points against top 15 FSU), but you can’t argue that they are putting up numbers in bunches. That, by the way is ranked eighth in Division One Football.

Also, did you know that being led by star running back Marlon Mack, who two weeks ago became the Bulls all time leading rusher in just the first month of his third season, USF has the nation’s longest streak of 200 rushing yards or more as a team? That stands at 11 consecutive games going back to 2015.

Alabama doesn’t have that, nor Ohio State, Clemson or Oklahoma. No overstatement. It is impressive.

For his part, Mack has three 100 yard games this year and 16 in his career and both totals will likely continue to to go up and up.

USF has also scored at least 35 points in all of their last 10 games. Again, longest streak, not just in the American Athletic Conference, but in the country.

And dual threat QB Quinton Flowers is fourth in the NCAA with a gaudy 15.9 yards per completion. He has already racked up two 100 yard rushing games, has had three games with at least 319 yards of total offense, and two games with at least three TD passes. It’s not an over exaggeration to say he’s played “Great” so far this year.

Finally, talk about an “amazing” ability to score quickly: the Bulls offense already has 20 TD drives this season that have taken less than two minutes off the clock. They are well on their way to surpassing last year’s total of 35 of those.

Yes, USF has had tremendous QB play in the past from the likes of Marquel Blackwell, and Matt Grothe. And running back Andre Hall previously had the rushing record after two tremendous seasons.

It is a six game sample.

But, what the Bulls are doing, so far in 2016, surpasses anything in their brief 20 year history.

The numbers tell it all.

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