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USF-American Conference announce revised Bulls schedule

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In a tremendous sign of cooperation between the American Conference and USF, the Bulls have juggled their schedule and now will be able to make up their conference game at UConn, lost last weekend due to Hurricane Irma.

The Bulls made the announcement on Thursday morning after non-stop consultation with the American and with other schools about the switches that had to take place.

So, essentially with multiple games switched, USF had two games and opponents moved, and now, the Bulls and the Huskies can play on Sunday, November 5th. This is due to UConn’s stadium not being available on November 4th.

It was vitally important for USF, UConn and the conference to make up a conference game and honestly, the cooperation of the other schools in the AAC was amazing to make it happen.

As the article States, USF loses their upcoming home game this season with out of conference UMass in the switching, but will be able to play that game a few years from now. The Bulls will still honor going to Amherst to play UMass next season as originally scheduled.

The American Conference also announced on Thursday morning they are working with UCF Memphis and their conference opponents to try to ensure that that game, which was cancelled last Friday night due to the hurricane, still gets played as well.

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