Lane Kiffin offers scholarship to Tee Martin’s son, who’s 13

(Photo by Michael Wade/Icon Sportswire)

Florida Atlantic head coach Lane Kiffin has offered a scholarship to a seventh grader. This kid isn’t your ordinary seventh grader however. Kiffin has offered a scholarship to former Tennessee Volunteer QB Tee Martin’s son Kaden. 

When Kiffin was the head coach of Tennessee in 2009, he had hired Tee Martin on his staff, who played for the Vols from 1996-99. Martin is now the offensive coordinator at USC. His son Kaden goes to Adams Middle School in Redondo Beach, Ca. He does play QB, like his father, but he’s also a baseball player.

The move seems like a symbolic move, mainly because of the friendship Kiffin and Martin have. That said it will also be contingent on Kiffin staying at FAU for the next five years, as he’s known to switch jobs in much shorter order whether by choice or not.



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