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UCF and Memphis workout makeup date

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The UCF-Memphis cancelled game from last weekend due to Hurricane Irma will now happen after all. This, after the two schools were able to work out getting out of there September 30th out-of-conference games.

The official announcement came Thursday evening that the Knights and Tigers had agreed to play their AAC opening game that day at a time still to be determined.

UCF was slated to host the University of Maine. It is not clear if that game will ever be made up in the future and that release didn’t specify a buyout.

It is more complicated for Memphis because they were slated to be at Georgia State in Atlanta on the 30th. And as the Memphis Commercial Appeal newspaper reported this morning, there is an $800,000 buyout for the Tigers if they don’t play that game.

Georgia state announced Thursday night that it had in fact received that buyout assurance, plus another $300,000.

A source with knowledge of the Memphis discussions told F.F.I.  earlier in the afternoon that the Tigers were seeking help from the American Conference and/or UCF for the financial part of that buyout.

It’s not clear, yet, who stepped in to help the Tigers get out of that game.

The American Conference had announced earlier Thursday that it had juggled multiple games with multiple schools so that USF and UConn could make up their cancelled game from last Saturday, as well.

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