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UCF Kicker says he won’t stop making Youtube videos

Photo by Leslie Plaza Johnson/Icon Sportswire


Your move, NCAA.

Late Sunday night, UCF Kicker Donald De La Haye announced on his very popular Youtube channel that despite the threat by the college athletics governing body to suspend him or even, end his college football career, he will not stop making Youtube videos chronicling his UCF experiences including playing football and taking ad revenue from them.

Here’s the link to what De La Haye had to say:

We wrote previously that De La Haye had a compelling argument to continue doing his videos and the NCAA was going to have some P.R. “blow back” over this case. This is especially, when there are inconsistencies all over the map on who can make money doing what and who can’t among “student-athletes.”

Well, now this has escalated. Big Time.

With De La Haye’s announcement, you have to wonder if the NCAA will move quickly, as they have done previously, to suspend him from playing this fall and sort it out later. Keep in mind that the Knights don’t officially begin practicing until late July and don’t play a game until they open the season on Thursday night August 31st against FIU.

There has been no official stance taken by UCF and most importantly, head coach Scott Frost, about the controversy and whether they would support De La Haye, if he wanted to fight.

We speculate that they will be releasing a statement soon, if not Sunday night, then at least on Monday and Frost or someone from the University may even speak up, finally.

Stay tuned.

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