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Would Tyrod Taylor be a good fit with Jaguars?

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The Jaguars have had a lot of success with Leonard Founette running the ball for them this year. They would be even more successful with Tyrod Taylor handing it to him and running alongside him on occasion.

That’s the conclusion some are already jumping to as the NFL absorbs the shocking news out of Buffalo, where the Bills have made the curious decision to bench Taylor in favor of rookie Nathan Peterman.

Those conclusions, of course, are based on the belief the Bills decision to bench Taylor midway through a 5-4 season means they also plan to dump him altogether after the season ends.

That may be the case. It’s still too soon to know for sure. After all, Peterman, who was drafted in the fifth-round as a developmental quarterback this past spring, has yet to even take a snap yet.

One thing we do know is that it won’t cost the Bills much to let Taylor go. He’s owed $10 million for the coming 2018 season but only $1 million of is guaranteed, so releasing him will not be cost prohibitive.

So go ahead and ask yourself, would Taylor really be a good fit in Jacksonville, where Blake Bortles still hangs by a thread and old school Tom Coughlin has decided to go old school with the Jaguars offense.

We’re going to go out on a limb here and say no, and we base that on the fact that while he surely loves Taylor’s strong arm and deep-ball ability, there probably isn’t much else about Taylor that Coughlin likes.

For starters, Taylor isn’t your prototypical pocket passer. He’s a guy who runs around a lot and makes plays with his legs and Coughlin has never come across as a fan of that sort of quarterback.

Again, Coughlin is more old school (think Eli Manning) and besides his arm strength and mobility, there may not be another trait or skill that Taylor possesses that truly qualifies as a strength.

He’s not a very accurate passer, he doesn’t do a good job of throwing his receivers open and he’s never been very comfortable or patient in the pocket. That’s why the Bills are making a change.

Add it all up and based on the improvements Bortles has made this year, the Jaguars would probably be taking a step backward by adding Taylor, who might give his next team a fighting chance but little else.

At best Taylor is an adequate starting quarterback. He doesn’t make a lot of mistakes but he doesn’t bring his team back from the brink of the abyss very much either. That’s why he’s on his way out in Buffalo.

Sure, the Bills probably waited a bit too long to make this move with Taylor. Or maybe they should have just waited until the season was over to make this move. But the move in and of itself proves one thing:

The Bills have clearly lost faith in Taylor’s ability to either lead them to the playoffs or take them deep into the playoffs and that being the case you have to ask yourself this:
If Taylor can’t do the job in Buffalo, what makes anyone think he can do it in Jacksonville?

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