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Tom Brady jersey sales #1 in state of Florida, slaps Dolphins fans in the face

(Photo by Rich Graessle/Icon Sportswire)


Sometimes the truth hurts, and for Miami Dolphins fans, this next item is something that will sting a little extra. The numbers are out for top jersey sales, and you can guess who’s #1 in that category, none other than New England Patriots QB Tom Brady. Not only is Brady the #1 in overall jersey sales in the country, he ranks #1 overall in the state of Florida (via Miami Herald). He beats out any player from any of the three pro teams in the state and that’s a slap in the face, especially fans from the division rivals Dolphins.

Not only had Brady owned the Dolphins on the field, he’s smoking them off the field too. Brady has won 20 of 29 games he has started against Miami. He has completed over 60% of his passes with 52 TDs and 21 INTs, while passing for 6,608 yards. Now there are more people in Florida with Tom Brady jerseys than any other pro player in the state.

For the Dolphins, the highest player on the list is Jarvis Landry who had the 50th highest selling jersey last year has surged up the #22. Ryan Tannehill in #31 overall where Ndamukong Suh is 53rd overall.

As a team, the Dolphins did see a drastic improvement in overall team jersey sales. Last year they were 22nd overall, so far this year, they have jumped to #11. At least there’s some good news.

What we do know is that when the Patriots do come to visit Hard Rock Stadium this year, we can expect a lot of Tom Brady jerseys in the stands. South Florida especially has a lot of ex-pats (pun intended) from New England who either moved down there full time, or are snow birds.

The only way for the Dolphins to pay this type of news back is to sweep the Patriots this season when they play each other. It’s always better to beat your nemesis on the field, then for them to beat you off the field.

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