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Timmons meets media/sheds little light on situation

(AP Photo/Wilfredo Lee)


The Dolphins went back to practice Wednesday afternoon and Lawrence Timmons was back with his teammates having been re-instated from suspension. However, if you were looking for insight and answers as to why he left the team without permission two weekends ago in L.A., you’ll be disappointed.

Doing his best “Beast Mode at the Super Bowl” press conference impersonation (“I’m just here so I don’t get fined…..), Timmons spoke to the media post practice and stuck by the same line: “I’m just happy to be here.”


No matter if the question wasn’t related to his feelings.


Timmons did apologize to the Dolphins organization and the fans for his actions at the start, but again, shed little light on anything else.

It is believed that the timing of him being welcomed off “indefinite suspension,” is so he can travel on Thursday night with the team to London for Sunday’s game with the Saints at Wembley Stadium.

They are in desperate need of his veteran play at the linebacker position.

As for Timmons’ teammates, QB Jay Cutler also spoke to the media post-practice Wednesday and addressed some of what Timmons would not:

Cutler is obviously one of the leaders, even though he just came to the team in August. And, he made it clear that the team has no problems with Timmons returning, and expects that he “will fall in line with the rest of us” in terms of the rest of the season.

One thing is certain, Miami now holds all the leverage contractually over Timmons, as the guaranteed portion of his 2018 contract year is now voided. This means the Dolphins can save over $4 million by cutting him at any point now or in the off season, if Timmons does not perform.

Certainly, their hope is that he performs well and is the effective player they signed in March.

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