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With Tannehill sidelined, here’s the case for Jay Cutler in Miami

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With Quarterback Ryan Tannehill sidelined at least in the short term and maybe, for good in 2017, there is another prominent name that the Dolphins could and may very well turn to: Jay Cutler.

On Thursday afternoon we wrote about the case for Colin Kaepernick as an option that the Dolphins look to. The possibility Miami will consider more is the lightning rod on the field with his play, in Cutler.

Cutler is currently scheduled to be paired with play-by-play announcer Kevin Burkhardt and color commentator Charles Davis on Fox to form a three-man booth for the 2017 season. Interesting to note that they put him in a 3-man booth. Possibly in case he does pursue playing, then FOX is still covered?

Cutler said there are two ways a person leaves the NFL. First, they’re forced to leave, and or secondly, they lose the desire to do what’s required to keep going. He said he is somewhere in between those two, which sounds like he may be leaving the door cracked open for a possible return.

Cutler also said with ESPN’s Adam Schefter on the “Know them From Adam” podcast in June, asking a QB to come in short notice and expect them to play right away is one of the hardest things to do. That you need to go to a place you’re comfortable and know the scheme. He used the example of Romo and the Cowboys being a realistic option, if it needed to happen. Could Cutler and Gase be along those lines?

He did have one of his best seasons in Chicago with Gase at the helm of the offense. He threw for 3,659 yards in 2015 to go along with 21 touchdowns and 11 picks. While the numbers don’t strike as glorifying as some other quarterbacks, the important thing is that consistency was there.

If it’s the situation that kept Cutler from committing to play for a team like the Jets, that won’t be the case in Miami. The Dolphins were a playoff team last season and they expect to be there again. Cutler has not made it to the playoffs since 2010. Maybe the fact that the Dolphins are a winning team can entice him to exchange that microphone back in for a helmet.

All in all, If Tannehill is seriously hurt and can’t play, the Dolphins are in a pickle. Do they bring in Cutler and let him fight for a chance to start? Or do they just have him sit behind Matt Moore? Cutler may not want to come out of retirement to play second fiddle to someone he thinks he is better than in his mind. And, again, he’s got a great NFL booth TV gig waiting, too.

Ultimately the ball is in Cutler’s court. The question is: does he take the Dolphins bait? Or will he keep swimming in the open waters of retirement?

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