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Suh tells ESPN- “I think the Patriots are definitely beatable”

(Photo by The Palm Beach Post/Zuma Press/Icon Sportswire)


On the Monday afternoon before our nation’s independence is celebrated tomorrow, ESPN scored a quick phone interview with Dolphins star Ndamuknog Suh. It covered everything from Miami’s great 2016 turnaround, his take on the top defensive tackles in the league, hot dog eating contests and the inevitable question: “can you beat New England?”

On their “NFL Live” program, Suh joined in by telephone from Nike headquarters in Oregon, to answer all the questions above, most importantly, the Patriots one about two minutes in:

It’s rather obvious that while having respect for the defending Superbowl champs, who’ve also won the AFC East eight straight titles, Suh wasn’t going to say Monday that they are invincible.

Hence, our headline quote from him. “I think they are definitely beatable.”

Look, it’s not like he was going to admit on national TV, “yeah they’ve owned us and the rest of the league for going on 15 years and it’s going to likely continue.” We get it.

Also, Suh, was asked about being able to play until he’s 40 (highly unlikely for his position and it’s physical requirements), and was also asked to give his opinion on the top 2-3 defensive tackles in the NFL. Here’s a hint: he gives Bucs Pro Bowler Gerald McCoy some love.

“NFL Live” even got around to talking ESPN’s televising the traditional July 4th “Nathan’s Hot Dog” world renown speed eating contest (which we at F.F.I. find disgusting to watch!) and how many Suh thinks he could consume in 10 minutes, if pressed.

There is big expectation in Miami upcoming in 2017 and Suh will be part of it.

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