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In Strange Twist, South Carolina Is Cheering Tim Tebow

(Photo by Joshua Sarner/Icon Sportswire)


For the state of South Carolina, Tim Tebow was a recurring nightmare. While playing QB for the Florida Gators, Tebow terrorized the South Carolina Gamecocks winning all four SEC East titles while playing in Gainesville. This included a seven TD thrashing in 2007 en-route to his 2007 Heisman Trophy. While the Gamecocks played the nail to the Gators hammer during the Tebow regime, sports fans in the state built a visceral hatred towards the golden boy of Gainesville. Let’s also throw two national championships in there to add insult to injury.

Fast forward about ten years after the seven touchdowns and Heisman Trophy and the good folks of Columbia South Carolina are beginning to see Tebow in a new light. No longer is he the young stud clean image star football QB. He’s now in low single A ball, in the New York Mets organization, playing for the Columbia Fireflies. Wait, Tim Tebow plays baseball?

Yes he does, now at least. After failing to yet again make an NFL roster, Tebow hung up the football cleats for baseball cleats. It was an ambitious adventure for a former major celebrity. Tebow wasn’t expected to even come close to making a major league roster and the move to the minor leagues was seen as just a typical gimmick that the lower rungs of professional baseball is known for.

This image of a gimmick disappeared When Tebow jacked a two-run home run in his first official regular season at bat. Then on Sunday he jacked a three run shot for the Fireflies. That’s two home runs in three games. He finished his first professional series 3-13 with five RBIs.

Whether or not Tebow has a future in professional baseball is yet to be determined. With that said it’s difficult not to give credit to the man who’s willing to take on a challenge in the humble existence that is known as minor league baseball. For folks in Columbia, a once despised enemy of the state has come back to be a hometown hero, and it only took one weekend. The irony is that Columbia may not claim him for that long. If Tebow continues to excel he will move up the ranks to higher level A ball. Who knows what happens next. But for right now in Columbia, folks love Tim Teabow. What a difference a decade makes.

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