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Steve Spurrier believes Gators could use multiple QBs

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If there’s one thing “The Head Ball Coach” knows it’s quarterbacks. And specifically, Steve Spurrier knows the “multiple quarterbacks strategy” isn’t the worst thing in the world headed into a season. In fact, it’s something he did in Gainesville, or more than one occasion, including the the 2000 season where he alternated Rex Grossman and Jesse Palmer throughout the entire season and still won the SEC Title.

Spurrier dropped into the “Paul Finebaum Show” Tuesday afternoon and shared a little Florida QB knowledge with Paul and the viewers.

Newly transferred Malik Zaire from Notre Dame will look to take the stronghold on the job being more experienced than Felipe Franks and not coming off an injury like Luke Del Rio. Zaire didn’t make his move to Gainesville without causing a stir though.

As we wrote previously, the SEC had implemented a policy that if the graduate transfer doesn’t actually follow through and get his post-graduate degree within a year of playing, then the school must wait over a three year period before it can accept another such transfer.

Well as we know now that rule was bent and reshaped and now Zaire is a Gator. And, today, Spurrier said to not be surprised if we see a little bit of two quarterback action in the early stages of the season to see what both Franks and Zaire have. Though Zaire is all too familiar with that set up as it caused him to come to Florida in the first place, could he be wrapped up in it again?

A few questions immediately pop up as the season starts with a huge game vs the Michigan Wolverines. Is running multiple QB’s going to offset the rhythm or could it be an effective strategy to propel them to a win?

Another question is: what about Luke Del Rio, the man who was the starter last season before an injury derailed season? Coming off off-season surgery Del Rio may already be behind. He could make up the ground by having the stake to the claim as last year’s starter, but is that really enough?

If he fails to become the man to start, could we see Del Rio transfer, yet again? The answer is probably so with the way the college football quarterback landscape has been. If it’s not your job, you go find another.

At the end of the day the Gators QB depth is better than it was last year, and they have a lot of different cards to play this season Franks and Zaire can bring some real play-making and excitement to the position that this program has lacked since Tim Tebow.

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