So far, so good on less penalties in Tampa Bay

(Photo by Cliff Welch/Icon Sportswire)


One of the messes Dirk Koetter vowed to clean up after he took over as the Buccaneers Head Coach last winter was the rash of penalties that helped blight the Bucs 2015 record.

The Bucs stood with Buffalo as the most penalized team in the league last year, earning 143 accepted penalties, a total that wound up costing them 1,195 yards of valuable real estate.

Throw in the 22 penalties their opponents declined and the Bucs actually averaged more than 10 penalties per game last year. They are currently on pace, though, to cut that average nearly in half.

The Bucs will go into their home opener Sunday against the Rams at Raymond James Stadium having been penalized just 11 times overall through two games and have yet to earn more than six penalties in a game.

That last number it turns out is in keeping with the goal for penalties that Koetter sets for each week so it should come as no surprise that he took some time to celebrate the improvement this week.

“We have several other tiered goals along the way, but the penalties are one of them and we’ve done a pretty good job in that area,’’ Koetter said. “We need to continue that.’’

If they do they just might reverse their position completely in the penalty department. The Bucs 11 penalties currently ranks tied for fifth fewest in the league and their 87 penalty yards lost is ninth fewest.

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