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Zemek- FSU “needs at least an 8-4 season”

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It was a rough 2018 for FSU, as the program had its first losing (5-7) season in four decades, but the Noles do have an opportunity to rebound. And, for the sake of second year coach Willie Taggart and staff, it better happen. And fast.

The first year “pass” that Taggart got last season is over and it’s him to turn it around, or else.

So what does a better FSU season look like for 2019?

Our colleague Matt Zemek was tasked by the site with taking a look at some ACC football programs and in specific, what he foresees as improvement for this year’s version of Noles:

And, as Zemek lays out, not all W-L records are creating equal. And, it will not just be the amount of wins or record, but whom Florida State defeats and how much improved they look doing it.

Here’s part of his thinking:

The challenge for Florida State this season: Can it make up enough ground — and derive enough benefit from the installation of Kendal Briles as offensive coordinator — to reach that 10-3 mark?

Florida State fans have to live in a world where — in 2019 — the answer to that question will probably be “No.” It will be a big ask to expect Florida State to go from bowlless to a big bowl.

It’s not fun. It’s not exciting. It is like taking a swallow of NyQuil… but it will hopefully make the patient better in the long run.

2019 is a year in which 8-4 is the reasonable goal, a three-game improvement which would not mean a sexy bowl bid, but would mean that the program is back on the right track.

Just to be clear, however: 8-4 by ANY route possible is NOT the measurement of a good season. Florida State could go 8-4 yet remain stuck, benefiting more from opponents’ mistakes than its own quality. (Remember the Louisville game last year.) This has to be a “good” 8-4, meaning…..”

You can read the rest of what Zemek wrote about what he views as Seminoles’ 2019 improvement here.

Meanwhile, FSU will try to sort out starting in August: their starting QB, bolster their tattered O-Line and get back the aggressive hard-hitting defense that made them one of dominant programs in college football for 30+ years.

It’s definitely a tall task, but FSU definitely has a talent base to be improved.


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