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Review of debut of “A Season with Florida State”

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You knew (because we live in such a football crazy state), when Showtime Cable brought back their “A Season With” for a second year and chose the Florida State Seminoles, that it would be “must see” here at F.F.I.

And after reviewing the half hour debut from Tuesday night, it’s off to a very intriguing start.

First, as the QB battle of fall camp between fifth year senior Sean Maguire and redshirt freshman Deondre Francois unfolded, Showtime cameras immediately delivered on the drama of Maguire having a stress fracture in his right foot. Even though the story was already weeks old, on this episode the behind the scenes “all access” that Showtime has in agreement with FSU, showed you him meeting with the head trainer and Head Coach Jimbo Fisher in his office where the decision is made to get an MRI.

Then, you see the actual MRI results in real time as Magurie is going over them with the team orthopedist and agrees to have the subsequent surgery.  The show also follows and details the eyesight and headache problems that Sophomore center Alec Eberle has. While they show you the Florida State concussion protocol procedures and tests over a couple of days, we later learn from the show that migraines are the main culprit and it’s not as serious as feared.

These were two really fascinating looks at what happens when serious injury occurs to significant players.

Deondre Francois obviously took over and became the starter for fall practice and his “growing pains” of development were chronicled.

Besides the sometimes harsh comments and quips during practice of Fisher and his coaches, the next best thing was the awesome full coverage from multiple angles with multiple wireless mics of the Noles stirring comeback vs. Ole Miss on Monday night.

You probably have seen by now the clip of former Seminole Heisman and National Title wining QB Jameis Winston giving a hilarious but gripping halftime pep talk, but there were plenty of other riveting moments. Jimbo Fisher coming over to his new QB after a hard hit and while being checked by trainers and exhorted him with, “That’s where you gain (the offense’s) respect, boy!”

The FSU defense crunching Ole Miss QB Chad Kelly and legendary radio voice Gene Deckerhoff booming “Touchdown, Florda State!” with multiple slo-motion views of the highlights was great stuff.

You know by now that the Seminoles completed the 22 point second quarterback comeback for the largest rally in FSU football history.

Overall: A really good debut for “A Season With Florida State.”

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