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Former FSU star DB Jalen Ramsey “throws shade” at Jimbo Fisher/Texas A&M

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Don’t expect Florida State fans, and even former players, to forgive Jimbo Fisher anytime soon for bolting Tallahassee. If you needed another reminder, you had to look no further than former Noles star defensive back Jalen Ramsey taking to Twitter late Monday night, when he saw Texas A&M touting Fisher and former Florida State defensive backs’ success.

First, here’s the tweet that former Noles and now Aggies assistant Tim Brewster sent out.

Brewster is one of the recruiting gurus, and they are obviously trying to make it clear to potential A&M defensive backs what kind of success Florida State had during Fisher tenure.

Well, it didn’t take long for the Jaguars star and former number one pick out of FSU, Ramsey to fire off a quick rebuttal:

It only reinforces that he, and many others, feel betrayed in a lot of ways, by how Fisher left FSU  “high and dry” last December.

And Ramsey is correct. Fisher is an offensive-minded coach and it was really the likes of defensive coordinators Mark Stoops, and Jeremy Pruitt, who are mostly responsible for those defensive backs  in the promo banner and the successes they’ve had.

Ramsey wanted to make sure that Brewster knew there were no hard feelings with him individually, but still let the public know his feelings. Essentially, that Fisher had about as much to do with those DBs having that kind of success and getting those kind of contracts, as the grounds keepers at Doak Campbell Stadium.

Ramsey and Brewster, then exchanged pleasantries right after, but the message was clear: don’t use my name, likeness and accomplishments for anything related to Texas A&M.

Fisher continues to dig at FSU, by making reference in comments to “the other place,” and “what I had to deal with before”and so, on.

And this would be a classic example of “the shoe being on the other foot.”

And Jalen Ramsey is doing the “drop-kicking” for Florida State.

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