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Florida State confirms Delaware State win qualifies as legit sixth victory

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So, the controversy as to whether FCS Delaware State was bad but “just good enough” for Florida State to pummel in November and have it count for sixth win and bowl qualification for the Noles, appears over.

This, after FSU on Friday night released a rebuttal to a lengthy internet post that the Hornets from Delaware didn’t have enough scholarship players for the win to “count” towards a bowl game.

Bruce Feldman tweeted out the official Noles rebuttal to the sudden questioning of their bowl legitimacy:

So, as they clarified, Delaware State was within NCAA parameters on overall scholarships for their players and they took the high road with, “these media reports represent incorrect information.”

They could put it more bluntly, like, “No thanks to wrong internet innuendo, our recent aggravation is over and our six wins are legit. Leave us alone.”

Alas, we don’t work or write for them.

What we did write, which is still the point, is that whether FSU is 6-6 or 6-6* because of Delaware State, it’s not main issue. There are too many bowls. Period. And too many marginal to bad teams (like Florida State) that get slots in them, because the play in a Power 5 league with tie-ins and they have a name. And plenty of over 6 loss “Power five” teams are there, too.

All of that still remains.

So, as the Florida State release says, they leave Saturday afternoon for Shreveport and the Southern Miss game.

It’s sad in a way that FSU in a struggling season where the coach bolted for Texas A&M before it was over, is left defending a win over an FCS school at home. But it’s where they are figuratively in Tallahassee at the moment.

But no one can say they aren’t “legit,” with six wins. They always were.

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