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ESPN re-lived former FSU star Deion Sanders “Double Play” Thursday

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Thursday night, ESPN rolled out their latest episode of Emmy award wining series “30 for 30” and it featured former Noles and NFL-MLB star Deion Sanders.

Make no mistake, Sanders is one of the most flamboyant players of the NFL has seen in the last 35 years. And this show focused specifically on the day in October of 1992 which he played in both an NFL regular season game and then an MLB postseason game with both Atlanta franchises. They’ve dubbed it “Deion’s Double Play.”


Of course, as Sanders is quick to point out: he didn’t actually play in the National League Championship Series game 5 in Pittsburgh the night after playing the Falcons game that Sunday in Miami. And therein, is part of the back story and drama of this one hour documentary.

The entire theme of it was Sanders being torn about his commitments to both the Braves for baseball and the Falcons for football. And of course, the Braves became much more prominent as a postseason team, while in the heart of the Falcons football season.

Deion received criticism from many media circles, including relentless conversation during the Saturday night and Sunday night CBS game broadcasts from Sean McDonough and Tim McCarver. Sanders very famously doused McCarver with cold water in the Braves celebratory clubhouse after their dramatic game 7 win to go to the World Series.

McCarver has never forgotten or forgiven Sanders and that’s a compelling part of the show.

Deion is his usual humorous self throughout the show remembering the stories of 25 years ago. This includes how he was just Deion when he played baseball, but became the Persona of “Prime” or “Prime Time” with the sunglasses on and the flamboyance, while playing for the Falcons and others on Sundays.

Another interesting aspect, as it relates to the Seminoles and our interest in Deion, is that he was not only a two-time All-American football player at FSU, and, is regarded as one of the best defensive players to ever suit up for Bobby Bowden’s long-tenured run with the Seminoles. And,  he was also a baseball player for Mike Martin in Tallahassee.

And most would probably not remember that Deion actually played in the College Baseball World Series for Martin and Florida State during the time of having all of the football success for the Seminoles.

Ultimately, Sanders talks about how torn he was to eventually give up pro baseball and stick with the NFL. Later he would go on to win a championship in San Francisco and another one with the famous Dallas Cowboys. And, Deion was inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 2011.

You see him all the time on the NFL Network where he’s been for the past 13 years giving analysis, studio updates and conducting interviews.

We at F.F.I. are particularly fond of his segment on theor Sunday night “Gameday Highlights” show, where he talks to players immediately after their games in the locker room via social media video.

They call the segment, “if you ‘ball,’ you get the call.” And, it’s great access and back and forth with Deion and the heroes of the games that were just played.

Sanders will also be part of the NFL Network’s pre and post-coverage of Super Bowl 53 this weekend.

But, make no mistake,  the “30 for 30” documentary will keep you interested and laughing at all of the remembrances of Deion being a two sport star during his tremendous playing career.

A career that began with him playing both football and baseball at Florida State.

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