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Why It doesn’t matter that FSU wasn’t “eligible” for a bowl

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Someone with far too much time on their hands did research and dug into the minutia of the NCAA waiver bylaws on bowl games, then published Thursday afternoon that Florida State isn’t technically “bowl eligible.”

So, there has been controversy since, that the Noles playing in the Independence Bowl against Southern Miss next week, is undeserved. And, instead, teams like Buffalo or Western Michigan should have gotten in the Seminoles slot.

Well, as our headline suggests, there are several reasons why all the crying doesn’t matter.

First, the argument that Delaware State, who the Noles played and destroyed in late November, was somehow too much of a “cream puff” FCS program is laughable. All the SEC and ACC “Power 5” schools are playing varying degrees of patsies or easy games in either September or late in the year before a rivalry game.

So, to try to argue that a team who is the epitome’ of an “easy¬† opponent” like Deleware State, is too easy, is like arguing that Kate Upton should be penalized for being too good looking. (That’s as un-American as it gets).

Next, everyone that follows present day college football acknowledges: there are too many bowls and too many undeserving 6-6 or even in some years, losing record teams, that are playing in almost worthless bowl games.

In other words, a brand name like FSU should be allowed in, even if they are 5-6. And before you argue, “that’s eliteist” or “let they lesser schools in,” the whole bowl system caters to and benefits the “Power 5” all the time year after year.

They have multiple bowl tie-ins usually for at least 80% of their conference members to simply be 5-7 or 6-6 and get in a game, somewhere.

FSU fits this bill.

Yes, they have had a highly unusual bad season in Tallahassee that has culminated with Jimbo Fisher abandoning the program for Texas A&M before the final game with UL-Monore was played. But, Florida State is almost the same, as 6-6 Texas Tech, 6-6 Utah, 6-6 Duke, and 6-6 Purdue, who are playing in bowl games in the next seven days.

So, spare us the “how can FSU get a bowl game?”

How can any of those others above get a bowl game?

Because, there are too many of them and bigger conference teams are needed.

Teams, who fans recognize and might watch.

Teams like Florida State.

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