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Seminoles season isn’t over at 0-2

(Photo by Scott Donaldson/Icon Sportswire)

If you’re a Florida State fan right now you probably are not happy. It may look like it’s time to panic or the season is over and you’re ready for next season. Sadly this isn’t a video game where we can simulate the season and get all the injured players back.

The Noles are 0-2 for the first time since 1989. During that season they would finish strong winning out going 10-2. The question is can the 2017 team re-write history?

Let’s look at what the Noles can do to ride out this tough wave and get into calmer waters:

With 4 ranked teams on the schedule, FSU can potentially play its way back into contention.
It all starts this week, it’s time to get NC State and Bama out of view and focus on Wake Forest. A win Saturday gives the team momentum heading into the rivalry game with the Hurricanes. If they are able to defeat the Canes once again, it could spark a big uplift to a team that looks like they need it.

Following Duke, they host Lamar Jackson at home, and you know FSU wants to prove a point after last season’s beat down in Louisville. If all goes as planned the game vs Clemson could decide who goes to the ACC Championship. Clemson has a huge road game in Blacksburg this weekend that could give them their first conference loss.

For all of this to come to into fruition FSU will need to work on some things.

James Blackman (above) made some great throws downfield, but after those throws the drives stalled. Red Zone efficiency needs to be an area the Noles really look at. Six trips led to one red zone touchdown Saturday, and that percentage makes it tough to win at any level.

The run game took a step forward but we are waiting for the leap. The O-line as well needs to show improvement.  The running game was better, as both Patrick and Akers had over 4 yards per attempt. They also only had 38 and 55 yards respectively, those numbers should only climb.

The O-line though had its struggles the Wolfpack do have one of the best D-lines in the conference and an underrated unit nationally. They had 4 sacks and plenty of hurries and hard hits on the young quarterback.

The defense did take a step back against the Wolfpack after the impressive showing vs the Tide. For now, we can say it was a one-week blunder. One thing that has plagued the defense has been motion and misdirection. The unit showed times of being great, but then would have a slip up, especially on big third downs last Saturday. Look for them to get back on track vs. the Demon Deacons.

All in all, yes a lot of this seems farfetched, but not impossible. The Noles still have a very talented roster and it’s only a matter of time until they start showing it. The question remains though can they string it together soon and get the season back on track?

It’s going to be a long climb back to the top the rest of 2017. Are they up to the challenge?

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