Miami Dolphins

Ryan Tannehill Won’t Require Surgery

(Photo by Doug Murray/Icon Sportswire)


Miami Dolphins starting QB Ryan Tannehill is expected to be ready for the team’s off season workouts according to the sources talking with the Sun-Sentinel.

There still remained a chance that Tannehill would elect to have offseason surgery to repair the ligaments, but doctors have determined that his rehabilitation brought strong enough results that he is healthy enough to return to the field. In addition to meeting with team doctors, Tannehill has been examined by specialist Dr. James Andrews.

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Tannehill had injured his knee in the December 11 game against Arizona. At first there were several reports that Tannehill tore his ACL. After an MRI, it was revealed that he had only sprained his ACL and MCL. There were still questions as to whether or not he would need surgery at some point. However he and his doctors decided to take a different route and now he’s ready to get the 2017 campaign started as is expected to be at full strength coming training camp. This is good news for Dolphins fans.

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