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Richt Deserves Time

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What is it like to be mediocre at something? Ask the fans of Miami Hurricane football during the Randy Shannon and Al Golden eras. It’s been like a bizarro world in Coral Gables with the last two generations of coaches. Miami is supposed to be dominant, oppressive even to their adversaries. Instead they never were able to get over the hump. Always looking sloppy in must win games. The Canes have never won their division, let alone an ACC title, since joining the league.

Again, this is not how it’s supposed to be, and something Cane fans have clearly grown tired being relegated to that reality.

In comes Mark Richt, an alum, head coach in the SEC for a decade and a half. The bar automatically is raised. Richt’s resume speaks for itself: Two SEC Championships, Six SEC East division championships, Two time SEC Coach of the Year.

On paper, Miami has never had a more qualified coach. Look, the man clearly has some chops, and if it weren’t for Nick Saban destroying the SEC the past eight years, Richt would probably still be in Athens right now. But if my Aunt had….oh nevermind, you get the point. Mark Richt has the whistle right now for the Hurricanes and that’s all that matters.

Will Miami get back to making some noise nationally again? This year, probably not, but Richt will get them moving in the right direction that’s for sure. Oh yeah it doesn’t hurt having an elite stud QB in Brad Kaaya taking the snaps. Kaaya almost single-handedly saved Golden’s job for a stretch last year.

Thankfully Hurricane fans, that didn’t happen.

And now the school has a guy in Richt who can legitimately make Miami fans excited again, and finally get it right.

Richt Deserves Time
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