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Report-Jaguars told week one game is staying in Houston

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With preparations for week one in the NFL getting going already on “Labor Day,” the league has apparently made a decision on where the Texans vs. Jaguars opening game will be played. And the answer is……it’s staying in flood ravaged Houston.

The first report of the league’s intentions was made Monday afternoon by local Jacksonville TV and radio host Brent Martineau

As he tweeted, Martineau found out from a Jaguars source, who has knowledge that the league confirmed to Jacksonville to be ready to travel as scheduled this weekend to Southeast Texas. This, as opposed to, the Jaguars hosting the week one showdown at Everbank Field and “flip-flopping” with the Texans for the Jacksonville home game in December.

As of early Monday afternoon, the NFL had not confirmed or denied the report. However, it’s common sense that, if the game was being moved to Jacksonville, they would have likely told the Jags by today. This, to have them readying the stadium, notifying ticket holders and getting ready for a home game, when one was not expected.

We at F.F.I., are still dubious about the league playing  in Houston, while tens of thousands of residents will remain displaced this week/weekend. And, tens of thousands of more have already begun returning to see their homes and possessions are ruined and their lives changed forever.

The Astros did return to Houston and play the New York Mets in a doubleheader Saturday and a Sunday home game. And, there has been some criticism voiced about MLB coming into the area to play Astro home games with devastation and evacuation still all around.

The Texans home game is obviously a week later, but it isn’t going to be significantly better in the flooded out areas for weeks to come.

So, clearly, the league is taking everything into account on the decision to play in Houston on September 10th instead of swapping with Jacksonville. But, it still seems that playing, for example in nearby San Antonio, which wasn’t really affected by Hurricane Harvey’s storm/rainfall, would be a better alternative.

That way, fans who have tickets can go, but you don’t look like you are insensitive for playing right in the middle of where the storm damaged greatly and they are not even really beginning recovery.

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