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Is RB Doug Martin’s moonwalk coming to an end zone near you?

Photo by Cliff Welch/Icon Sportswire


TAMPA – If you’ve seen the first episode of the Buccaneers on Hard Knocks you’ve no doubt seen running back Doug Martin do the moonwalk, which we would love to see Martin do in the end zone.

Seriously, the NFL has thankfully relaxed its rules regarding touchdown celebrations, so as far as we know there’s nothing to keep Martin from making the dance part of his celebration routine.

If he did he’d almost certainly become an internet sensation. After all, You’d have to think that any video of Martin doing the moonwalk would get more views than a clip of him simply scoring a touchdown.

Shoot, from what we saw of Martin’s dance moves, he might be worthy of a spot on Dancing With The Stars. The kid clearly has some mad skills – both on and off the field.

And again, this is one of the best things about Hard Knocks. Yeah, we know the cameras are a bit of a distraction but thanks to Hard Knocks we’re learning things about the Bucs that some never knew before.

Certainly we’re learning why Martin is one of the most liked players on the team. He has an infectious personality, a lot of which came out in just a brief glimpse behind the scenes.

By the way, that brief glimpse also showed us that Martin has taken on the added responsibility of being the custodian off the singing portion of the team’s rookie hazing program.

In addition to doing the moonwalk before dispatching cornerback Maurice Flemming, Martin literally brought out a broom to sweep safety Justin Evans off the stage when he didn’t meet the team’s standards.

“That’s something I picked up from (former Buccaneers linebacker and special teams standout) Dekoda Watson,’’ Martin said. “When I first got here he would do that, and I just picked up the responsibility.’’

Asked if he was perhaps too harsh in sweeping out Evans, who didn’t really sing but instead read the lyrics to “Eye of the Tiger’’ from his cell phone, Martin suggested he might not have been tough enough.

“No,’’ Martin said with a laugh. “He did an awful job and got what he had coming. You’ve got to be prepared. You can’t read it from your phone. You’ve got to show some real talent up there.’’

Perhaps Evans thought Martin had already shown enough for everybody.



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