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Polian goes off on former Gators DT Brantley, suggest he is now undraftable

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Wow, did Bill Polian ever go off on former Gators defensive tackle Caleb Brantley.

If you’re a Gators fan, an NFL Draft fan or just want to learn what Brantley has possibly done to his career as a result of being charged with domestic battery for striking a woman, you have to see this.

Polian, a Hall of Fame executive who helped build the Colts into a Super Bowl champion with the help of former Bucs coach Tony Dungy, lays it all out on the line here.

Polian doesn’t hold back and if the executives around the NFL believe as he does, Brantley may have just bought himself a ticket out of consideration as an NFL Draft prospect.

Now, it’s unlikely that will happen. Someone is sure to still take a chance on the former UF standout, but as Polian suggests, there’s bigger issues here and Brantley has given himself a short leash.

Take a look and let us know if you agree with what he has to say.

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