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If Poe Says No to Dolphins, Who’s Next In Line?

(Photo by Scott Winters/Icon Sportswire)

Free agent DT Dontari Poe is in South Florida right now talking to the Miami Dolphins front office staff about possibly signing with the team. Poe has talked to several teams already, including the active Jacksonville Jaguars who have been probably the early winners of free agency.

If the Dolphins do indeed sign Poe, it would be a major step in the team solidifying their rush defense, which is an aspect of their defense that needed improvement. The issue will be the negotiation position Poe is in. Will the Dolphins be able to afford him, and if so, should they be willing to extend even more cash into their defensive line.

Obviously Poe is being coveted by the Dolphins for a reason, they still believe they can get them comfortably within their price range. That said as he travels around the country looking for his next landing spot, he and his people may feel they have more leverage. We know Poe wants to get paid and will get paid, by whom is the $8 million question.

Let’s say that the Dolphins either pass or whiff on Poe, who would be next in line to fill the major need? What about Tyrun Walker? The former Lions DT is an unrestricted free agent, will certainly cost less and is the same age. Obviously former Jags DT Roy Miller is on the market at this point.

One name that would make sense would be Jonathan Hankins. Hankins isn’t getting the attention on the market as Poe is. He’s also not shopping himself around as egregiously as Poe is either. Part of the reason is that he seemingly wants to remain with the Giants. The question is whether the Giants can afford to keep him at his market value. The Giants main focus this offseason has been the offensive line and running game. They have already committed to DJ Fluker and could possibly add another linemen for depth. They still need another RB, so it may indeed mean Hankins is an odd man out.

This of course would require other teams raising the market for Hankins. One of those teams could be the Dolphins, who really could end up with a player of Poe’s caliber, one year younger a cheaper. It’s going to be interesting to see what does down with this whole ordeal once someone wins the Poe sweepstakes.

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