Opinions continue to vary on Bucs QB Glennon value

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Mike Glennon is not going to like this.

The Buccaneers backup quarterback’s chances of landing a starter’s job as well as the big contract that usually comes along with it in free agency are looking rather bleak right now.

They are at least in the eyes of the NFL Insider who was quoted in the Glennon profile ESPN put together for the cute quarterback match game that writer Mike Sando has compiled.
The item is actually a lot of fun. You pick a free agent quarterback, hit the match button and see which quarterback-needy team ESPN believes each free agent quarterback is best suited for.

The best fit for Glennon, according to ESPN, is Chicago and that does seem like a good fit. Except the Bears will be making a big mistake if they sign Glennon to be their starter.

Or, so says their insider.

“There is nothing special about Glennon, nothing that makes you think he can do more than he has already done,’ the Insider is quoted as saying. “He cannot run. Everything in the league is going away from guys like that. He will probably be somebody’s No. 2 or maybe compete for a job, but it’s tough to see anyone diving in hard for him.”

Ouch. That’s as blunt an assessment as you’re likely to see, but one thing that’s interesting about it is how it appears to run completely contrary to the assessment the Bucs have given Glennon.

Remember, there was a reason the Bucs refused to let Glennon go when teams first came calling for him in a trade a few years ago, and that was long before Dirk Koetter ever came on board and got a look at him.

“I’m on record as saying that I believe Mike Glennon is a starter in the NFL,’’ Koetter said prior to the start of last season. “The kid can play. I’m a Mike Glennon fan.’’

It seems general manager Jason Licht is, too. The Bucs attempted to sign Glennon before the start of last season to a two-year extension worth about $6 million a year and they haven’t abandoned that hope.

If they haven’t done so already it is believed that the Bucs are prepared to make a similar offer to Glennon in an effort to keep him should he not find what he’s looking for in free agency.

We previously wrote about Glennon’s perceived value as a potential free agent here.

And it’s quite possible he won’t. After all, if the insider quoted by ESPN is expressing feelings shared by others around the league then Glennon may eventually decide he’s better off just staying put.

That might not necessarily be the best thing for Glennon, but if Koetter is right about him and the insider is wrong and the Bucs ever have to turn to him as their starter, it would be great for the Bucs.

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