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Breaking – No charges will be filed against Jarvis Landry for domestic violence

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The Florida State Attorney’s office will not pursue charges against Miami Dolphins WR Jarvis Landry in a domestic battery investigation. This goes back to an incident that occurred between Landry and his girl friend back in April. The details of the investigation never were released as the incident was under the investigation. It stems from a 10:30pm April 1st incident report with Landry listed in the paper work.

Landry was dealing with a paternity case with his girlfriend Estrella Cerquiera back in April as well. Cerqueira released a statement on the incident, once the story was broken in August:

“I was not in any way physically harmed,” the statement said. “Yes, we are going through a civil family court case and emotions are high, but I would like to make it very clear that Jarvis would never, ever do anything to harm me or anyone else. Jarvis and I are happily raising our beautiful daughter.”

Landry has recently released a statement about this entire matter:

“I am very thankful that this matter is over and my family and I can put this behind us now”

This entire ordeal my have been the reason why there was issues with Landry signing a contract extension. Even after this news we still can’t be fully clear as to whether the NFL will suspend Landry at this point. The NFL suspended Ezekiel Elliott even after charges were dropped against him for six games. That suspension is being tossed around the federal courts and Elliott may not miss any time this season, but it shows that the NFL doesn’t really care about how the criminal justice process works to hand out suspensions.

Landry who has claimed his innocence since the beginning will still have to wait for the NFL to clear him before he regains his footing with his contract negotiations. For the meantime, he cleared perhaps the most important hurdle. Whether the NFL follows suit is anyones guess at this point.

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