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What’s all the fuss about Russell Wilson reporting to Yankees spring training?

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Earlier Monday, the Super Bowl winning quarterback of the Seattle Seahawks showed up at the New York Yankees spring training home in Tampa. And no, Russell Wilson wasn’t there as a spectator. Instead, he’s a continuing to live out a life long dream of being an MLB player, someday.

Someday, presumably after the his NFL career has concluded.

The Yankees traded with the Texas Rangers for Wilson’s minor league rights and as he promised, when the Yankees workouts began Monday morning at Steinbrenner Field, there he was:

Wilson told the media in Seattle earlier this month after the Yankees acquired his rights, “playing two sports has always been a dream. But at this point in my life playing QB is a job I love and a responsibility I work on and take seriously every single day.” He finished with, “My main goal is to win multiple Super Bowls coming up.”

Still, he has previously played summer minor league ball with the Colorado Rockies for a couple of summers before being drafted by the Seahawks in 2012. And, he also participated with the Rangers in their spring training workouts in 2014 and 15 without suiting up for actual games.

And, the Yankees have made it clear that he is A. not playing in a game for them, and B. only going to be doing this for around 10 days total as part of skills and conditioning etc.

So, why are we hearing negativity from Seattle sports radio airwaves and elsewhere on the internet like this:

Obviously, there are Major League teams who think he can, like in New York, or they wouldn’t be fooling with him.

And, It’s hardly unusual.

Former NFL players Bo Jackson, Brian Jordan and Deion Sanders also played as regular season MLB players in actual games in the 80’s and 90’s, while active in pro football. Jordan played for 12 seasons with the Cardinals and the Braves. Sanders played in the World Series in Atlanta, while the Falcons season was going on.

This from Wilson in February, is hardly that. In fact, it’s not in the same zip code, as that.

It’s him coming to have mostly fun, increase his publicity/brand, be around the likes of Aaron Judge and newly acquired Giancarlo Stanton and then get ready for Seahawks OTAs later in the spring.

He’s a four time Pro Bowler, Super Bowl champion and the unquestioned leader of the Seahawks.

He’s never in trouble and is living out what has to be a childhood fantasy-putting on a the NY pinstriped uniform.

It would be something totally different, if he was asking to play in games, including regular season games during Seattle’s off season.

Wilson is not.

Let him have some fun in the West Central Florida sun.

Dreary Seattle can wait a few more weeks.

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