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To tag or not to tag?

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With NFL free agency approaching, one of the intriguing first stages is team’s being able to “tag” and protect their own players. That process begins on Tuesday, the fist day that teams can exclusively “franchise” players and also begin to put “transitional” tags on others for draft pick compensation, if they leave.

In advance, of that beginning, put together a quick list with predictions of what teams and players are likely in play.

There are two specific players in state teams that we cover that we will be watching (so will they) for this part to unfold.

Obviously, WR Jarvis Landry of the Dolphins is the biggest name of any of the state NFL players, as the tag window opens. And, it’s anyone’s guess as to what the Fins will do. We do know this: not tagging Landry, and letting him walk to another team for nothing in return is insanity. They may not do it Tuesday, but look for a “tag” designation to come his way.

The other is Allen Robinson, who we wrote last week is a more complicated case. He’s clearly the Jaguars best wide receiver, but the dilemma is that Robinson is coming off an ACL injury. And even though he is proclaiming that he will be ready to go in July for training camp, there are still going to be questions.

We’ll disagree of Gregg Rosenthal’s take and our best guess is that the Coughlin/Caldwell/Marrone regime’ will not put the “franchise” tag on the 24 year old Robinson, but instead use the transition tag to see what’s out there in offers from other teams. That way, they can potentially match, too.

Again, it’s just the beginning of the process, and even if the Fins and Jags don’t do anything Tuesday, it doesn’t mean that they won’t later in the week or while the window is open to do so.

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