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More surprises in final two rounds of F.F.I. Fantasy Football Draft

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The “late round find” is always a crucial part of Fantasy Football and in the final part of our F.F.I. draft had some interesting selections. Also, after drafting all three skill spots and a team defense, our selectors would now be required to take their kicker in the final two rounds. That would also lead to some strategy and risk.

So. Let’s get to the conclusion in a moment.

First, once more, here is the setup:

This draft, by design, is going to create debate/discussion on what our insiders chose to do when it was there turn. And, they will explain each pick with their own rationale.

Here were the parameters for our draft: Using Jacksonville, Tampa Bay and Miami’s rosters, each selector had to comprise a fantasy roster of 1 QB, 1 RB, 1 WR or TE, a team a defense, a kicker and then, an extra player at any of the four skill positions.

The draft order was done at random with the first selector going first in the odd rounds, and last in the even. The second selector was always second and the third was first selector in even rounds.

Roy Cummings was drawn as first pick, Josh Ciganek at second and then, Ari Russell picked third in the first round.

Here now are there picks (and their explanations) in the final two rounds, as they unfolded:

Fifth round:

Roy- O.J. Howard, Buccaneers

OK, full disclosure here: I thought we were supposed to draft a tight end as well as one extra player, regardless of position. Either way, I wanted at least one of the Bucs tight ends, again because I believe their offense could be dynamic. I stuck with Howard because my gut tells me he’ll get more work in the red zone.

Josh- Jason Myers, Jaguars

The kicker’s battle was the toughest choice I had. Looking at the performance of all four kickers and having to decide which to choose from was difficult. Aguayo is fighting for his job against Folk and Franks doesn’t get too many opportunities to kick with Miami. Jason Myers was the best choice in my opinion, after making 27 of 34 field goal attempts and 29 of 32 extra points.

Ari-Andrew Franks, Dolphins

I took the Dolphin’s kicker Franks. This one was an easy move as Myers was already taken by Josh. Knowing the Bucs kicker situation is not settled, I had to get the best available which was Franks. Kickers are crap shoots every year. I at least know Franks is on the roster as the only kicker for Miami, so yes I went with him.

Sixth round:

Ari- Blake Bortles, Jaguars

In the sixth round I scooped up Blake Bortles. Having lost the QB sweepstakes I didn’t have to rush to take Bortles so I waited until the end to pick him. Now the offensive line is improved and they did bring in a potentially star running back which hopefully will help Bortles. He does have some weapons at WR so there’s potential there. Obviously Winston and Tannehill have performed vastly better. We will see if Bortles steps up, because if he doesn’t he’ll lose his job at some point and I will need to go with whatever scraps are left.

Josh- Chris Godwin, Buccaneers

This round was the toss up to select any role player I wanted. I chose to take rookie Chris Godwin over potential candidates Adam Humphries, Devante Parker or Marqise Lee. Godwin, I expect, will look to fight for that third receiver position with Humphries. He has a lot of potential to have a good season since teams will have to cover Evans, Jackson, O.J. Howard, Martin and Cameron Brate.

Roy- Nick Folk, Buccaneers

I was down to the kicker and this one took some thinking. I think Roberto Aguayo could make a comeback this year. The problem is, I’m not sure the Bucs feel that way. Based on what I saw of him and Folk during OTAs and minicamp, I went with Folk, because right now, my gut tells me the Bucs will go with Folk, too.

Here are the final recaps of the complete teams our selectors drafted:

Roy- QB-Tannehill, RB- Martin, WR- Evans, WR/TE- Howard, Miami D, K- Folk

Josh- QB-Winston, RB- Fournette, WR-Robinson, Godwin, Tampa Bay D, K- Myers

Ari- QB-Bortles, RB- Ajayi, WR-D. Jackson, Landry, Jacksonville D, K- Franks

Let the debate continue.

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