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Super Bowl 53 by the Patriots and the Rams numbers

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As Super Bowl 53 approaches in Atlanta, the New England Patriots look to continue to make history and the L.A. Rams are obviously looking to make some of their own.

So, we’ve decided to take a quick look numerically at some of the fascinating facts and numbers around the Super Bowl that lay out some things you might be aware of, and other things that you might not.

So, with that in mind let’s start our “count:”

3- the number of consecutive Super Bowls the Patriots have now played in, which is the first time for a team make it three years in a row, since the early 1990s when the Buffalo Bills played in four straight Super Bowls. Obviously, Buffalo never won the big game and New England now has a chance to win for the second time in three years and the third time in five years overall.

9- the number of Super Bowls that Tom Brady will have started, which is obviously a record, and likewise, Bill Belichick has been the head coach for all of those, which is also the head coaching record.

40- that’s the number of years since the Los Angeles Rams played in a Superbowl. Vince Ferragamo quarterbacked L.A. that day against Terry Bradshaw and the Steelers at the Rose Bowl in January of 1980. As you’re probably aware, Rams head coach Sean McVay wasn’t born and neither were any of the players that are on his team in 1980.

1- the number of times the New England Patriots have covered the point spread as a favorite in the Super Bowl. And that is in six previous games, as the favorite. That record includes last year’s outright loss, as the favorite, to Philadelphia. So, their record is 1 – 5 going into this game, as the favored team to win the Superbowl.

5- the number of times the underdog has outright won this game in the last seven Super Bowls. Going back to the Giants upset of the Patriots in 2011 coming forward to Baltimore’s win over San Francisco the following year, the Seahawks victory over favored Denver, then Broncos victory over favored Carolina and finally, the Eagles a year ago, there have been a quintet of teams get it done recently in the biggest game.

So, that bodes well for the Rams, who will go into Sunday as the underdog

2- the number of L.A. Rams that have won a previous Super Bowl and they were actually teammates for that win. Cornerback Aqib Talib and running back C.J. Anderson were part of the Denver Broncos Super Bowl victory three years ago over Carolina.

3 (again)- the number of times previously the Patriots have won the Super Bowl, while wearing white jerseys, which they will wear again this Sunday. There are actually 3-1 overall in the road white, as they lost in the white jerseys last year to the Eagles. However, another factor for the white jerseys? 12 of last 14 Super Bowl winners have been dressed in white.

33- the age of Rams coach Sean McVay, who’s the youngest to ever lead a team in a Super Bowl. And he’s also exactly 33 years younger than Bill Belichick, who’s been involved in 12 previous Super Bowls as a head coach or an assistant with the Patriots and Giants

5- Brady and retired defensive end Charles Haley are the only two players, currently with five Super Bowl rings. And Brady can stand alone, obviously, if his team gets the win Sunday night

0- the number of touchdowns New England has scored in the first quarter of their previous eight Super Bowls with Brady and Belichick. Remarkably, without any first quarter end zone success, they still have gone on to win in five of them.

4.4- the average margin of Victory, win or lose, for the Patriots in their previous 8 Super Bowls in the 2000s. So, don’t look for this one to be a blowout

7 – 0- that’s the Rams record all-time in games officiated by referee John Perry, who will work Super Bowl 53. While the Patriots also have a winning record at 9 – 5 with Parry blowing his whistle, the Rams are perfect. Just file that away in case there are controversial calls late in the game.

And finally,

103.4- That’s the number in millions of people that watch the Super Bowl 52 a year ago. And, that was actually down slightly from the previous year when the Patriots played the Falcons and the game went into a thrilling overtime. The record for viewership is 114.4 million for the Seahawks-Patriots Super Bowl in February of 2015. And the 10 highest rated television shows of all time in U.S. history are the last 10 Super Bowl games. Get ready for lots and lots of eyeballs on it.

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