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Peter Schrager of NFL Network updates Bucs and Dolphins mock draft

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After a week spent in Orlando at the NFL owners meetings, there was lots to take in and process. From informal press conferences to rules changes, there were plenty of discussions on many different subjects.

And, it was a “one stop shop” for getting some insight and info, privately from NFL team’s GMs, personnel guys, and more.

So, when Peter Schrager of NFL Network’s “Good Morning Football” spent the week doing just that and then, rolled out a new mock draft of the upcoming first round, we were all eyes and ears.

With it obviously subject to change over the next few weeks, here’s what Schrager thinks will happen coming off the owners meetings:

We are obviously most interested in what Schrager heard and now believes about the Bucs (scheduled to pick #7) and the Dolpnins (currently, 11th). Now, honestly, once you get past the top five or so, it becomes crazy because of potential trades up, etc.

However, this is an interesting exercise.

Schrager makes the educated guess/assumption that the Browns will go ahead and take USC quarterback Sam Darnold first. There is a bunch of speculation that Cleveland would take RB Saquon Barkley of Penn State first and then use their #4 overall to grab the best QB.

The thinking is that someone out of the Giants at two, or the Jets at three would take Barkley or that another team would immediately trade into the top 2 or 3 spot for him.

We’ll see.

Schrager took QB’s for the New York teams and put Barkley at four for the Browns.

Then, it gets really interesting. Instead of the Broncos taking one of the QBs, he has them grabbing N.C. State DE Bradley Chubb.

As we have written, the Bucs are desperate to get a young pass rusher and have been meeting with and went to Chubb’s pro day in Raleigh to evaluate him, thoroughly. Would they possibly trade up? Who knows?

Then, Schrager theorized a trade (again, he’s been at the owner’s meetings hearing things) with Buffalo jumping up to #6 from the Colts and grabbing Oklahoma QB Baker Mayfield.

That would put a dent in the Dolphins plans, as they apparently still very much are interested in the 2017 Heisman winner. Would Miami try to move up on draft night for that reason? Again, unknown.

For the record, Schrager’s mock took Notre Dame OG Quenton Nelson for Tampa Bay at seven and then, the Dolphins with the QBs gone, to grab defensive back Minkah Fitzpatrick from Alabama.

Those both fill needs for the two teams.

So, once more, the rumors, changes, trades, etc. will go on, but we love hearing someone with this kind of access and insight giving out information.

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