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Next stage of FFI Fantasy Draft includes Allen Robinson and Doug Martin

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As the third and fourth rounds of our F.F.I. Fantasy Football draft unfolded, clearly some strategy and risk took hold. And, names like Allen Robinson, Doug Martin, and Jarvis Landry would come off the board. Plus, one of our selectors got the jump on taking his defense.

Here’s the reminder on everything:

This draft, by design, is going to create debate/discussion on what our insiders chose to do when it was there turn. And, they will explain each pick with their own rationale.

Here were the parameters for our draft: Using Jacksonville, Tampa Bay and Miami’s rosters, each selector had to comprise a fantasy roster of 1 QB, 1 RB, 1 WR or TE, a team a defense, a kicker and then, an extra player at any of the four skill positions.

The draft order was done at random with the first selector going first in the odd rounds, and last in the even. The second selector was always second and the third was first selector in even rounds.

Roy Cummings was drawn as first pick, Josh Ciganek at second and Ari Russell in the first round.

Here now are there picks (and their explanations) as they unfolded:

To recap the first two rounds: Roy took Mike Evans and then, Ryan Tannehill, Josh grabbed Jameis Winston and Leonard Fournette and Ari took Jay Ajayi and DeSean Jackson.

So, here now is how things unfolded for the next two rounds of our selections with the selectors rationale’ behind them:

Round Three:

Roy- Doug Martin, Buccaneers

The top two running backs were already off the board, so I felt I better take the best of what was left. I don’t mind having Martin at all. Sure, he’s going to miss three games but he could still prove to be the one of the most productive back in the entire NFL. He played great in 2015 with his Buccaneer career on the line. It’s the same scenario this year.

Josh- Allen Robinson, Jaguars

With Evans and Jackson off the board, the receiving corps in Florida starts to get questionable. I took Allen Robinson because he is making a real name for himself in Jacksonville. With the Jarvis Landry contract game being played in Miami, I was uncertain as to if he’d play at the beginning of the regular season or if we was to hold out during that time as well.

Ari- Jarvis Landry, Dolphins

In the third round I went with Jarvis Landry. Frankly I was surprised he was still on the board. Out of the three solid receivers the Dolphins have Landry is the most skilled. He’s a guy that can easily get over 10 catches multiple times this season. Hopefully he gets to the end zone quite a bit. I figured having Jackson and Landry gives me a solid duo at WR.

Then in Round Four:

Ari- Jaguars Defense

In the fourth round I went with the Jacksonville defense. With the two other QBs taken, I didn’t have to rush to snag anyone, so I decided to take what I thought would be the best defense. On paper the Jags have one of the best defenses in the league. Adding guys like Calais Campbell and Barry Church should hopefully help with sacks and turnovers and get me some points with the defense.

Josh- Buccaneers Defense

Personally, I wanted to take the Jacksonville defense but Ari was a step ahead of me. However, the defense that can win games right now is the Bucs D. There is too much defensive firepower to even consider picking away from them. With Gerald McCoy and Noah Spence on the D-line, Kwon Alexander and Lavonte David at linebacker, and the incredible amount of talent that is the Bucs secondary, this pick was a no-brainer.

Roy- Dolphins Defense

This was the defensive round. In hindsight, I would have been better off grabbing a player here and left the defensive pick for last because I was stuck with Miami’s defense, but didn’t so now I have to hope this unit can make some big plays under a new coordinator.

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