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How much interest will Dolphins and Jaguars have in deepening QB Draft?

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It was hardly a surprise but the quarterback position in the upcoming 2018 NFL Draft got beefed up Wednesday night. The question is: how much does this interest the Dolphins and the Jaguars to maybe take a QB early this time?

When both Sam Darnold of USC (shown above) and Josh Rosen of crosstown rival UCLA declared for the draft early last night, it means two more expected first round picks at the QB position. They add to a list of names like Baker Mayfield, the Heisman Trophy winning quarterback at Oklahoma, as well as Josh Allen, outstanding running and throwing quarterback from Wyoming, who are already in the mix for late April.

Miami might be so interested in one of these guys that they would consider picking a QB at number 11 in the opening round. Then again, as we wrote last night, with hiring new offensive coordinator Dowell Loggains, who came from Chicago, they might make a heavy push to keep Jay Cutler one more year. They also have Ryan Tannehill, a former top 10 pick himself, coming off ACL surgery to compete next year too.

As for the Jaguars, they have already picked up the fifth year option in 2018 for quarterback Blake Bortles, who was solid and actually good at times this season, and they’ve made it into the playoffs this year. So it’s unlikely the Jags would go for a quarterback late in the first round, but it is a deep draft class at that position this year. And, Jacksonville could be interested in a signal caller in the second round and beyond.

Remember, Bortles was a top five pick, as well, in 2014. That was a draft, where they could have taken Derek Carr. Then again, they could’ve taken Johnny Manziel, too. Welcome to scouting, evaluation and then taking the risks!

Underclassmen have until January 15th to declare. And there could be a couple of more prominent quarterback names, who are legitimate 1-3 round prospects, who could join the list.

We’re not saying that Miami and Jacksonville should be thinking QB only early, but they both should be thinking about it.

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