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Mark Brunell tells NFL Network Coughlin will get it turned around

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One of the legends of Jaguars football, Mark Brunell, appeared Wednesday morning on NFL Network and not surprisingly, is confident that Jacksonville is headed for better days.

Appearing on “Good Morning Football,” Brunell talked on a wide range of subjects. Most of them had to do with his storied days with the Jaguars in the 1990’s, as they rose from an expansion team to the AFC Championship Game in just a couple of seasons. Brunell later led the Redskins to playoff wins and finished his career as a backup with the Jets (above)

Back to those Jaguar teams led by then coach/GM Tom Coughlin, who was just as demanding and tough then, as he would later become leading the Giants to two Superbowl wins.

So, naturally, when the subject of Coughlin taking over the Jacksonville front office this off season came up, Brunell did not hesitate to tell Jag fans that improvement is coming.

Check out his full comments here:

Particularly interesting are Brunell’s comments “a lot of structure, a lot of demands, expectations will be very high…..and there’s nothing wrong with that.” The implication is obvious that the Jaguars had very little to none of that under coach Gus Bradley and with GM Dave Caldwell in recent seasons. Bradley is out and Caldwell is essentially taking orders from Coughlin for the rest of his Jacksonville front office days.

Brunell would know, as well as anyone, about that structure, those demands and expectations of he and his teammates, etc. having lived it previously. And, you cannot argue that they were a tough talented team for years in North Florida.

It’s also no secret that those expectations will specifically apply to QB Blake Bortles in what is a “cross roads season” for he and the future of the franchise at that position.

Playing a rapid fire “Tell us something we don’t know” game with the hosts of GMFB, he offered this, when Bortles name came up: “Potential. He’s had moments. Not enough moments. Good supporting cast now. Do or die this year.”

There it is. And even, a former Jaguar QB great puts it out there.

Clearly, Bortles is out of time and reasons why he hasn’t or can’t succeed. And he won’t be the only reason or not, for a turnaround happening in 2017. However, he’s a big one, especially early.

But the biggest is Coughlin, and how much he can re-enthuse and build the Jaguars into respectability starting year one.

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