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Jarvis Landry cashes in with the Browns

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He proved his point. Throughout the course of the last year, as it turns out his final one in Miami, Jarvis Landry and his representatives believed he was worth of massive contract.

And his new team, the Cleveland Browns agreed with him on Thursday by giving Landry a new five-year deal $75.5 million deal with $47 million guaranteed in it.

As we wrote extensively throughout the process, while Landry has been one of the top reception leaders in the NFL throughout his first four years, and in fact has caught more total passes in that time than any player in NFL history, the Dolphins were reluctant to “pony up” a bunch of guaranteed money on a long-term contract for him.

This is primarily because of concerns of Landry’s hot-headed ways, and they obviously, did not view him as a big-play dominating, down the field receiver worth that type of contract.

Well now we’re about to find out who’s right.

Again, Landry held firm on wanting to get a long-term deal starting in 2018, and he’s already won and gotten his money. That cannot be disputed.

And now we see only three scenarios left to unfold: 1. Either Landry flops in Cleveland due to his own inabilities, Cleveland’s poor quarterback play and coaching, or some combination of those. 2. Landry succeeds at a very high level and the Browns improve because of it, or  3. The Dolphins have a massively successful pro bowl-caliber receiver over the next 2 or 3 years, which makes whatever Landry does in Cleveland moot.

Now, it should be pointed out, that Miami could have held onto Landry on the one-year $16 million guaranteed franchise tag designation that put on him just before free agency began. The Fins chose not to do that.

And whether they were being more frugal with their money vs. electing to be good to Landry to let him try to get that contract from another team and then, getting something in return by trading him now, we don’t know for sure.

Of course on that point, there is a strong counter argument the Dolphins didn’t get much in return (a third rounder this year and another pick next year). This is after the Patriots got a number one pick from the Rams for WR Brandin Cooks, and the New York Giants are reportedly dangling OBJ for two number one picks.

That trade will again will be tied to Landry’s production or not in Cleveland.

What we do know is: the Dolphins still have Kenny Stills and DeVante Parker, and they have added Albert Wilson of the Chiefs and Danny Amendola of the Patriots in free agency.

And for the sakes of Mike Tanenbaum, Chris Grier and Coach Adam Gase, one or a couple of those guys better step up and produce big time, especially if Landry does in his new surroundings.

Otherwise, these are the kind of moves that, if combined with another losing season, an owner points to and says, “why did we do that deal, lose production and we still lost?”

It will be fun in 2018 to find out who was right, or if both were right, on this Landry trade/contract debate.

What we do know is: Jarvis Landry is celebrating somewhere right now, because he bet on himself and cashed in.

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