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Get use to this offensive lineman’s name for top 10 of NFL Draft

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Right off “the jump,” it’s not a sexy position that’s going to make fans go crazy. When you talk about taking an offensive lineman instead of a franchise type quarterback or playmaking wide receiver or workhorse running back, no one gets excited.

However, the more we read and watch, the more everyone analyzing this 2018 NFL Draft, the more the name Quenton Nelson, All American Guard from Notre Dame, keeps coming up.

And, for the Bucs and the Dolphins, who both specifically have needs at guard, Nelson would make a lot of sense, when they are picking early.

First, as Peter King of and Mike Mayock, lead draft analyst of NFL Network discussed for “Monday Morning QB,” Mayock believes Nelson is a bona fide top 10 long-term high-level player on NFL offensive line.

It is interesting from their discussion, that in the past 18 drafts, only three times has an offensive guard been taken in the top 10. And only one of those has really panned out. However ,that shouldn’t scare teams off from doing their homework, which they will, and keep looking what Nelson brings to the table to fit their needs.

At 6’5, 330 lbs., the Notre Dame offensive captain in 2017 is drawing comparisons to the name Larry Allen. We know, we know, that’s an NFL Hall of Famer Cowboys great and probably, the standard at offensive guard in football the last 25 years.

Still, numerous draft analysts at the highest level believe Nelson is going in the top 10 (Mayock has him eighth to the Bears, right now).

And, with the Buccaneers picking at number 7 and the Dolphins picking at number 11, they are both in range to help themselves by taking him. We wrote in January about how our guys at NDT Scouting loved Nelson for the Fins at #11.

Obviously, and this will be debated discussed and written by us numerous times in the next couple of months, anything can happen, especially at the top of a draft.

Look no further than the Bears jumping up to the second pick to take Mitchell Trubisky at quarterback a year ago, which stunned everyone.

Will RB Saquon Barkley of Penn State still be available for the Buccaneers at 7, much less for the Dolphins at 11? Probably not, but you don’t know for sure until the process unfolds.

We do know this: Nelson potentially can help someone’s offensive line for a long time, and his name is not going to go away between now and the end of April.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. steverino

    February 26, 2018 at 1:36 pm

    hopefully, this front office cannot screw up this 1st round pick. with 4 or maybe even 5 qbs going in the top 10 a list of elite players should be available. if they pick nelson that’s fine with me. he’s plug and play and should be quality started for a unit that has been dismal for as long as i can remember.

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