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FFI Fantasy Draft 1st and 2nd Rounds have surprises

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With the Fantasy Football mayhem soon commencing with drafts everywhere, we at F.F.I. decided to put our own spin on a fictitious six round draft involving the Jaguars, Bucs and Dolphins.

This draft, by design, is going to create debate/discussion on what our insiders chose to do when it was there turn. And, they will explain each pick with their own rationale.

Here were the parameters for our draft: Using Jacksonville, Tampa Bay and Miami’s rosters, each selector had to comprise a fantasy roster of 1 QB, 1 RB, 1 WR or TE, a team a defense, a kicker and then, an extra player at any of the four skill positions.

The draft order was done at random with the first selector going first in the odd rounds, and last in the even. The second selector was always second and the third was first selector in even rounds.

Roy Cummings was drawn as first pick, Josh Ciganek at second and then, Ari Russell in the first round.

Here now are there picks (and their explanations) as they unfolded:

Round One:

Roy- Mike Evans, Buccaneers.

This was a no-brainer as Evans is easily the highest rated play of all the teams in Florida. He’s in the top 10 overall in most fantasy rankings and when you consider the potential of the Buccaneers offense, it would have been silly to me to have taken a chance on anyone else.

Josh- Jameis Winston, Buccaneers

It was a toss up for me on the first pick between Jameis and Mike Evans. However, when Roy took Evans with the first pick, I knew I needed to secure the best quarterback of the Florida teams. Winston is clearly that guy.

Ari- Jay Ajayi, Dolphins

I went with Ajayi with my first pick, third overall because I saw him as by far the best option on the table. The best WR in Evans and the best QB in Winston were already off the board, so I’d figure grabbing Ajayi made the most sense. Out of all the RBs available he is by far the only solid starter. He’s going to get the majority of touches and the offense is centered around his ability to make plays. Last season Ajayi had several monster games, hopefully he does this same this year.

Round Two:

Ari- DeSean Jackson, Buccaneers

With the first pick in the second round, I went with Desean Jackson. On the surface one would think it’s a stretch, but Jackson is a big play receiver. Playing opposite of Mike Evans is going to make Jackson perhaps even more productive. He’s capable of busting out a 75 yard TD at any moment. I suspect he will have anywhere between 10-14 TDs this season, which would be a good look for fantasy purposes.

Josh- Leonard Fournette, Jaguars

I chose to go running back with my second round pick, taking Leonard Fournette. Ari took two solid picks in Ajayi and Jackson back-to-back, which made me step back and consider who to take. I took Fournette over Doug Martin because we don’t know which Martin will show up coming back from suspension.

Roy- Ryan Tannehill, Dolphins

I was hoping Jay Ajayi or Leonard Fournette would fall to me in the second round, but they didn’t, so I figured I’d better get what I believe is the second-best quarterback in our draft. Bottom line is, I just didn’t want to be stuck with Blake Bortles.

Stay Tuned for rounds three and four and our insider selections.

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