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Early odds don’t favor Bucs, Jaguars or Dolphins to make playoffs

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A new batch of early odds and win totals were posted by Bovada Monday afternoon and one thing is certain, they don’t believe the Bucs, Jaguars or Dolphins are playoff material.

Posting their “under/over” propositions none of the three have a starting total of wins at nine or greater.

Starting with Dolphins, who made the playoffs with a 10 win season in 2016, Bovada only has them with a 7.5 total thus far. With Ryan Tannehill back healthy, Jay Ajayi in the backfield and defensive improvements, that seems a little low.

There is great expectation for the 2017 Buccaneers season. So much so, that HBO is ready to document Jameis Winston Mike Evans and Gerald McCoy for training camp with the team on its “Hard Knocks” series coming in August.

And even though the Bucs improved from six wins in 2015 to nine in 2016, Bovada only put their win total prop at 8.5. Some of that may have to do with Tampa Bay’s schedule which has three out of division playoff teams, including the champion Patriots, as part of their first five games.

As for the Jaguars under now full time head coach Doug Marrone, Bovada believes they will improve on their three win disaster in 2016 that saw former coach Gus Bradley axed in December.  They put the Jacksonville total at 6 for July to see if there is some interest. The additions of Leonard Fournette in the backfield and Calais Campbell on defense from free agency are obviously improvements, but not playoff worthy, according to the oddsmaker.

As a reference, the Patriots Bovada initial total is 12.5 wins, Pittsburgh and Seattle at 10.5, Green Bay at 10 wins and the defending NFC Champion Falcons at 9.5 for the upcoming campaign.

Then, again, all of these totals are subject to raise or lower, if there’s significant action on any of the teams.

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